Because Religious People are Stupid, Right?

Religion can be a challenging topic for many, and rightfully so, in today's day and age what we are being solid as religion can be hard to digest.  For a long time in my world, admitting that one was religious meant your intelligence dropped by about 80%, it was like committing a porfessional and socilal death. “Why?” you might ask, “Because religious people are stupid, right?” But what if there is in fact an intelligence that is both inside and all around each and everyone of us; scientifically, philosophically and religiously speaking?

** Article originally published on The Truth About Universal Medicine.

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Exploring suicide – considering another way

If one man can experience feelings of suicide, then it means that any man can. Suicide does not discriminate.  Suicide is not something that just happens, it is but the end result of a process where one’s belief in living is slowly dwindled away until one feels so empty that the only choice seemingly left is to discontinue life. We need to realise there is another way.

Originally published by Unimed Living under 'Men's Health'.

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Top Ten Tips For Building Your Love - Part 2

The ways in which we can develop and build our love is endless, but at the heart of it, it requires us to lovingly commit to it every day, assuring that every step of the way holds us in the truth of who we are. This supports us to let go of any lies we might have bought into; the type of lies that say we’re not worth it, we don’t deserve it or that for some reason, love is just not possible for us. All of which, are simply not true.  Come inside and read the final five tips on how you can practically start to build and live your love; starting right now.

Article originally published in the November edition of Great Health Guide.

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Top Ten Tips For Building Your Love - Part 1

There are many of us that have longed and lusted over love, but how many of us have taken responsibility for living it? Surely our sadness or misery is because the right person hasn’t come our way and not because of what we’re choosing, right? Wrong. The ability to build and live love is something that is possible for every single human being by the very nature of them being born; how much we get to feel that each and every day though, is completely up to us.  Click below to read more about some practical ways you can not only start to build, but begin to live, your love.

Article originally published in the October edition of Great Health Guide.

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Aches, pains and daily discomforts – the relationship between men’s bodies and their daily choices

Tightness in the chest? Hardness in the shoulders? Tension in the arms? Pain in the joints?  What if there was more to the aches and pains in our bodies then what we first might have thought? With many men becoming accustomed to their bodies being in a degree of tension and discomfort, the memory of ever having a body that felt any other way seems almost non-existent. Is it time that we start to consider a different way?  Click below to read more.

Article originally published by Unimed Living under 'Men's Health'.

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Five reasons why men use porn

In America alone, 40 million people have been recorded as being regular pornography users and in any given second it has been reported that there are 28,258 people viewing pornography online – 70% of whom are men. That’s a lot of pornography. What these statistics show is that both men and women from all over the world are now spending large proportions of their lives in front of a screen watching pornography, predominantly alone in their homes, and for the most part, not talking about it.  So what is this about? Check out five possible reasons why we might be watching so much porn.

Article originally published by Unimed Living under 'Men's Health'.

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Honesty In Relationships

We all know that honesty is a key ingredient to developing a good relationship and equally so, we all know what happens when we shy away from the truth. Either someone gets hurt or we end up living a lie. So if we know that the outcomes of being dishonest aren’t great, then why do we struggle to be honest with ourselves and our partners in the first place?  

Article originally published in the August edition of Great Health Guide and selected as one of the 'Articles of The Year' in their December edition.  

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Love Beyond The sheets – Exploring Our Relationship With Love, Sex and Intimacy

As men, we have a tendency to confuse the differences between intimacy, love and sex, bundling them all together and confining ourselves to only experiencing love and intimacy within the context of our sexual relationships. But what if this is not true? What if the idea that love = sex, or that intimacy = sex, is something that keeps us from truly knowing the power of relationships? 

Article originally published by UniMed Living under 'Men's Health'.

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Living in a Rhythm - Self loathing and it's relationship to our daily choices

One of the greatest hurdles I’ve overcome in life is giving myself a hard time for not being perfect. I have been a master of self loathing, sharpening every self-bashing tool, thought and behaviour in the shed. For a long time I operated under the ethos that if I were to do something then it would have to be perfect, meaning that I would often go to extraordinary lengths to achieve what I had set out to achieve, even if it was at the expense of myself.  Thanks to the support and work of Natalie Benhayon, I was able to discover a different way.  

Article originally published by UniMed Living as testimony to the work of Natalie Benhayon.

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Shopper Dockets & Alcohol Abuse – Is There Such A Thing As Responsible Service Of Alcohol?

The consumption of alcohol has been directly linked with a number of major social problems including death and disease rates, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and many more. When a substance negatively impacts on so many (and costs tax payers tremendous amount of money) is it not worth us asking the question - can there ever be a responsible service of alcohol? 

Article originally published by Everyday Livingness under 'Global and Social issues'.

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Relationships: Are We Having Sex or Making Love?

Sex is something which is presented to us in many guises, be it in the movies, video clips, pornography, on billboards or in magazines. Throughout our lives we are exposed to and experience many different ideas, rules, dogmas or perspectives on what sex is and what sex isn’t. Despite this, our relationship with sex always remains something that is very personal to each of us. One of the greatest errors of our time though is that we have somehow confused the act of sex with the art of making love, combining the two together and robbing ourselves of the beauty found in true love making. 

Article originally published in the April edition of Great Health Guide.

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

How many of us have heard the statement ‘if you can’t love yourself, then you can’t love anyone else’? It’s a wise old statement that often gets thrown around by pop stars and celebrities but how many of us know what it actually means? But more importantly, how many of us know how to live it? 

Article originally published in the February edition of Great Health Guide.

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Arguments… Can They Be A Thing Of The Past?

Often in relationships we think it’s easier to let things slide, ignoring and overlooking things that our partners or family do that might feel disrespectful, unloving or dishonoring. Equally so, there are times when we are not at our best and we speak up in an energy that's equally not loving and we end up saying things we don't really mean. Not communicating and holding things back can supply the very fuel upon which our disagreements thrive, what would happen if we never let these moments slide? 

Article originally published in the December 2015 edition of Great Health Guide.

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