Tender Heart Counselling & Complementary Therapies 

Tender Heart is the home of Martin Gladman's private practice, a business he started so so as to be able offer his services to a wider audience outside of his day to day community work.  Currently practicing in regional and metro Victoria as well as traveling to QLD and NSW as a guest practitioner, Martin also offers Skype and phone sessions, allowing him to support people internationally and in more remote areas. Services Martin offer include:

  • one-on-one counselling for adults, young people and couples,
  • support for parents responding to unwanted behaviors,
  • group meditation and relaxation sessions,
  • life coaching and sustainable change support,
  • programs and psycho-education sessions,
  • complementary therapy sessions - chakra-puncture and esoteric healing.

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Martin Gladman & Universal Medicine

If it wasn't for the support and inspiration of Serge Benhayon and all those associated wth Universal Medicine, Martin states he wouldn't be the man who he is today. In honour of this Martin established 'Martin Gladman & Universal Medicine' a site that captures the relationship he has with himself, Serge Benhayon and the business Universal Medicine. The website features a detailed 'about me' section on Martin, a 'frequently asked questions' section as well some more personal blogs and articles he has written about life, love, religion and Universal Medicine. 

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GM Records

GM Records is an independent Australian music label that is founded and run by composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Benhayon.  Martin and Michael collaborated in 2016 on a cover record, stripping back a selection of Michael's previously released songs to their piano and vocal form, performing them as part of the show 'An Intimate Evening Of True Love Songs'. Michael has released over nine studio albums in but five years on GM Records covering every genre from country, hip-hop, pop, dance, rock, adult contemporary plus many more. With Michael's healing and joyful songwriting, and Martin's smooth and delicate tones, 'I Am, Delicate Man', Martin and Michael's record, will be a deeply touching and  reassuring record.  Martin is very honoured to be given the opportunity to work with Michael. 

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