Based in Melbourne, Australia, Martin Gladman is a Social Worker, Counsellor, Teacher, Writer and practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies. Martin writes about simple and practical ways of responding to life, supporting people of all ages to rebuild, reconnect and recommit to living a life that is vital, healthy and full.  This blog is dedicated to sharing insights from his work and life, supporting people to bring all of themselves to the world. 

Who or what are we obedient to?

Three stories - one from a modern day high school, one from a reality television show and the other from a holocaust survivor and anti-war advocate - what could they all have in common? And what do they have to say about our behaviour?  We may act out of what we think is self-preservation, but the reality is, if we stand by and watch our neighbour's crop get eaten by locusts, we can not be surprised when they come and eat our own. Click below to read more.

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