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Martin Gladman

Martin Gladman has been working as a social worker for over 15 years.  Originally working in the housing and homelessness sector, Martin was able to connect with and support many who were sleeping rough or experiencing homelessness to begin to see beyond their situation and consider a different life for themselves. Moving into education, Martin begun teaching, supporting up and coming youth and community service workers to embody how they can work within the industry in a way that makes a difference in their client’s lives but also assuring that they do not burn out and are equally enriched by their experiences.  


After a number of years inspiring students in the classroom, Martin focussed his practice working in the mental health and sexual health space.  Taking on roles that specialised in providing support in LGBTIQAP+ communities, Martin begun to see an area of work that he loved and such completed a Masters of Science in Medicine (Sexual & Reproductive Health) Psychosexual Counselling.  From there Martin focussed his career supporting people to work with, understand and treat their sexual challenges as well as building safe and connected relationships with themselves, their bodies and their partners.  


Unpacking and challenging many of the beliefs which have been imposed on us around sex, including shame, sin, embarrassment and more, Martin has worked to restore sex as the fun, enjoyable and intimate activity it can be. From there Martin found himself specialising in the field of relationship counselling, completing a specialist course in the field and extending his services.  


As a relationship counsellor Martin now works with people of all genders and sexualities, in monogamous or consensually non-monogamous relationships.  Martin is currently completing his PhD looking at genderqueer expressions of gender within religious, spiritual, and philosophical spaces, and seeing how these perceptions can help support us when it comes to understanding ourselves and our gender.


As a person, Martin is deeply loving, caring and dedicated to supporting his clients and those around him, operating on a principle that is lived; that self-love can only be born from within however that we need support to be able to access this and make it real, turning it from a pop culture ideology into an everyday practice that is true to form. 

In his private life, Martin enjoys a very beautiful and loving relationship with his partner of almost seven years. He enjoys making music that is supportive and reassuring to the listener and writes about the human condition from a perspective that is often known but some how forgotten given the focus on our current era.

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