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Sex Therapy Melbourne

Martin Gladman is Clinical Sexologist/Sex Therapist, Relationship Counsellor and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker offering clinical sexology services for individuals and people in relationships in Melbourne, Woodend and online.  Martin offers both generalist and specialist Medicare* rebated social work services (which includes counselling support) for individuals treating conditions such as dyspareunia (pain during sex), premature or delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction to name a few as well as supporting people in relationships with concerns relating to relationship/marriage difficulties, mismatched libidos, sex during illness/post surgery, sexuality confusion and more.

Martin offers an evidence based counselling service, incorporating Medicare approved Focussed Psychological Services such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy and Motivational Interviewing (MI) in his sessions. Martin's practice overall draws on philosophical principles seen in Humanistic approaches, as well as attachment and system theories.


Martin has a long history of working with people of all sexual orientations and genders (including those within LGBTIQAP+ communities) and has experience working with people who are newly diagnosed or living with STIs and HIV. Martin has a particular interest in treating legal and consentual paraphilias, providing support to people in relationships and enjoys providing a multi-faith service, adapting his service where possible to suit the faith or spiritual beliefs of his clients.

*Medicare rebates are only available for Martin's social work services (which includes counselling support) with an eligible Mental Health Care Plan from your General Practitioner (GP).  Medicare rebates are not available for relationship counselling sessions.

"Providing a safe, supportive and non-judgmental counselling service for all."


  • Dyspareunia (pain during sex) including:

    • Vulvodynia 

    • Vaginismus

  • Erectile dysfunction and/or concerns maintaining an erection

  • Early or pre-mature ejaculation 

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Unwanted or distressing desires / fantasies (legal paraphilias only)

  • Sex and sexual health education

  • Sexual abuse/trauma

  • Relationship/marriage difficulties

  • Separation counselling

  • Infidelity and/or betrayal

  • Mismatched or low libidio  

  • Orgasm difficulties

  • Exploring open or polyamorous relationships

  • Sexuality and gender confusion

  • Gender transitioning/affirmation

  • Pornography addiction/overuse

  • Sex and disabilities 


What happens in sex therapy?


Sex therapy (when offered by a clinical sexologist) is a talk-based therapy that utilises counselling, psychology and/or social worker skills to support clients to better understand and begin to address their concerns regarding sex and/or sexuality. 


In your first session your clinical sexologist will complete an initial assessment, where they will ask you questions about you, the history of the problem and any treatments you have explored.  From there you and your sexologist will develop a plan, setting out goals and how you will achieve them.  A treatment plan may involve working alongside your GP or other allied health specialists, homework between sessions for you and/or your partner/s to practice, interventions to help change thought patterns, beliefs or behaviours or education about sexuality or sexual wellbeing.  


Clinical sexology is not a sex service.  This means there is no touching, physical examination, nudity, or anything along those lines provided during sessions.  All forms of sexual or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated with clients who display this type of behaviour will be banned from accessing the service and reported to the police. 


Does sex therapy work?


Absolutely. There is substantial evidence to show that clinical sexology/sex therapy works, with many clients reporting there  problem either goes away completely or they are far more comfortable managing it. The reality is that some problems are biological or medical related, and such it is the realm of GP’s and other medical practitioners to treat, however coming to accept and learn to manage these conditions or situations is where a clinical sexologist comes in. Most of our client’s report feeling far more settled, comfortable and confident in their bodies after engaging with treatment, allowing them to enjoy themselves and/or their partners in a way that is fulfilling. So even when a condition is chronic or lifelong, it doesn’t need to get in the way of you enjoying your life let alone stopping you from wholeheartedly enjoying sex and your sexuality..  

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